3 Japan 2012 Art Exhibits


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Kitada's home, where we stayed for the 1st 2 weeks of our art shows.
Their art studio is straight ahead (where the car is) & is about the size of a large, 4-car garage.
Yoshiyuki & Yoko Kitada, with Philip & Taeko, in front of their home. Tora Kitada, our ever vigilant watch cat The lower level of the Kitada's art studio contains their art gallery with models of their large, outdoor sculptures. The Kyoto Museum's new, modern entrance.
The famous, historic entrance is around the corner to the left.
06b_historic_Kyoto_Museum_entrance 07_Yoko-Phil-install-adj 08_ Saiundo_P&T_adj 10_Siando_adj 12_addingPhilCardto GuestArtistBook_adj
The old, historic Kyoto Museum entrance. Yoko-san supervising Kitada-san & Ikushima-san installing 3 of Philip's paintings at The Kyoto Museum. Philip & Taeko at Kyoto's Saiun-Do historic art supply shop: brushes, resins,
but mainly dry pigments in up to 12 different grades for each color, from very fine to very coarse
Examples of some of the degrees of pigment grinds available at Saiun-Do. Fujimoto-san, adding Philip's Card to The Guest Artist Book.
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We were invited backstage at Nara's new Noh-Drama stage. On-stage at the new Noh building. The "backyard" of the new Noh building. We pass one of the new rain-chains. 2 of Philip's paintings chosen for 2013 art exhibit at The Nara Art Museum.