Here is a panoramic photo of the Olympic Mountains, just to the west of us.


    Here is a panoramic photo of the "clean" side of my art studio.  A computer program "stitched" together 5 different photos to produce this panorama view.
    My drafting table is on the left; finished & in-progress paintings as well as work tables & easels are in the center; my paints, dry pigments, mediums, brushes & various tools are on the right.

   The "dirty" workshop half of my art studio. Painting, patching, & framing tools; small electric & hand tools, & many, many clamps on the left; then work tables, table saw, table sander, table router left center; then gardening tools, lawn tractor & mower, auto tools; on right side boxes & packing & shipping stuff (also some of this up above, "overhead"), then tarps, cement blocks & misc. lumber; & garage doors. 


While experimenting with paints that I mixed using some new pigments, I decided to also experiement with some new formats for framing them. Here are 2 of the results.


Here is another photo I took of "Tacoma Fuji," from the Suquamish Reservation, near our home & art studio.



While in Tacoma for an Artist Trust workshop at the Tacoma Art Museum, & also to give a talk & presentation of my paintings at Traver Gallery, I took this photo from my hotel room, of "Tacoma Fuji" (aka Mt.Ranier).


Here are 3 Art Glass Viking ships in the side entrance to Hotel Murano, Tacoma, which is an Art Glass Museum in its own right.



2 photos of the art half of Phil's Bainbridge art studio


And 1 of the workshop side


2 of Phil's small paintings at Northwind Art Center, Port Townsend WA

Sunset on the marina, ferry boat, & Seattle
from the Bainbridge Pub


Carolyn & Deanna on the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry

Some serious chocolate shopping at Theo's Chocolate Factory

mandatory Trophy Cupcakes visit


Deanna & Carolyn at Pike Place Market, Seattle


Carolyn, Deanna, & Tae
at Archie McFee's

Taeko & Black Sun by Isamu Noguchi in Volunteer Park,
 with wading pond & Seattle Space Needle

Philip at Seattle Asian Art museum


Taeko with Pam Christensen, RTC Foundation founder,
& friend, at May 2009 reception for
RTC Foundation's Creativity Center #2 "Celebration" exhibit


Philip at exhibit reception May 2009
RTC Foundation Creativity Center "Celebration" exhibit

Taeko at Glass Museum, Tacoma Washington

Philip with "fishy" new friend, Poulsbo Washington


winter snow

Spring maples & art studio

Taeko at Frye Museum, Seattle Washington

Philip at Frye Museum, Seattle Washington

Philip, Richard Nelson & crew, up in The Loft,
running a Liquid Light Show,
at The Return To Creativity Foundation's 2007 Opening
of the RTC Creativity Center

Cherry Blossom time on Bainbridge Island.
Tae in front of my favorite Island cherry tree, April 2007

1 Dec. 2006, first snow this weekend, & my favorite of our trees:
Sugi (cryptomeria elegans); the national tree of Japan,
an evergreen that turns reddish in cold & green in warm weather,
with the new art studio in the background.


Our new Art Studio near completion, 23 Nov. 2006

Tae in the west half of the studio.  Damp floors assist
the concrete hardening during the curing process


Backyard maple Oct. 2006

Fumi, May Day 2006
Backyard with Apple Tree & Blue Flowers


Brent with some of the blackberry vines he's grubbed out of the back of our property to make room for the cedars, laurels & willows.

Bamboo Garden nearing completion

Tae in new Bamboo Garden (surrounded by 30 inch deep root barrier).  Behind this area we have added 50 new Cypress & 30 new Laurel trees, and willows on the way



Before photo of new Bamboo Garden


First (& last) Snow: 1 Dec. 2005


First Snow (melted away in 2 days)

first frost (rose): 28 Nov. 2005



maple in front yard


azaleas & front porch




 south yard inside fence

"Rainbow Falls"

Deer in south yard outside fence



South yard outside fence


Backyard inside fence



Backyard inside fence
pond with 4 large gold fish

Pohono: Yosemite Bridal Veil Falls



Tae & tansu in "Japanese room"


Phil & shoji in "Japanese room"

Phil & roses in backyard


Tae in backyard

 celtcrossjpg3.jpg (23044 bytes)



flowers from the yard


green flowers