3 Japan 2012 Art Exhibits


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Coffee break time with other artists at Osaka Utsubo Park  sculpture exhibit. Taeko & Philip at historic Dotouan Art Center. Surprise visit from Shibuya-san & his 2 sons at our Dotouan Art Center party. They didn't want to miss our visit,
& flew in from Australia! I worked with him on Japan art shows for 6 years, before they moved to Australia.
Temple roof tiles as we near Inunaki Mountain Onsen, with the Hirokawas. The old, private hot springs under the ancient part of an historic Innaki Onsen, in the roots of the mountain.
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Very old  Innaki Onsen Tea House under restoration. The Hirokawas also took us to the very Modern, Sakai City Onsen. Homeward-bound to the Hirokawa's home, after a long day at the Kubo Museum. A "Kanpai" toast to a successful & happy 3 weeks:
Tsuyoshi & Sugako Hirokawa, Philip & Taeko, & Yoshiyuki & Yoko Kitada.
Do you think we have time for a drink before they have to go thru Security?
Taeko, Kitada-san, Ikushima-san, & Hotta-san.